Thursday, March 26, 2009


I believe our aspirations change over time, I know mine do! As a child, I wanted to be a ghost when I grew up to scare my brothers because they always scared me (in a teasing way of course). When I was in high school, I knew for sure that I wanted to become a lawyer - until junior year when I discovered the stage. Now I knew that I was going to be the next Angela Bassett - WRONG! I fell out of love with acting right before I graduated with a theatre degree! And today, as an adult, I know that I would love nothing more than to work for myself. Sorta Kinda Enterprises fulfills that desire; if only...

But as my best friend, colleague and brother stated so eloquently the words of George Micheal - "'You gotta have faith, faith, FAITH!"

An uphill battle, definitely. But I wouldn't want to have any warriors other than Serosh and SK Wilbur. They make it fun! So for all of you with aspirations that go with the wind, as long as you have partners and make it fun - it ain't so bad. Enjoy this life you live :).

Monday, March 16, 2009

Results of the Recession

Sometimes, what we see in the star circuit is a resemblance of what is happening in our normal yet fabulous everyday lives. People are getting married and makin'/havin' babies everywhere! Adult film star Jenna Jamison and Charlie Sheen with his wife had twins; Last Call's Carson Daly had his first child and Nicole Richie and tennis star Roger Federer are expecting. And let's not forget the marriages and engagements - Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen got married (that's a whole 'nother blog!), That 70's Show's Danny Masterson and his girlfirend are engaged, and the list goes on...

Whoa! What's going on??!!

I think we can chalk it all up to the recession. The idea of going out to have fun equals dollar signs for a lot of us, so we result in "recreational activities" at home - hence the baby makin'. And when you have no choice other than spending time with your significant other, you learn all the things you love about them faster and are ready to make the leap!

Tell me, have you noticed the change in your circle? I know I have. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with it. Have babies, get married, it all equals joy. Just make sure you do it fashionably :).

Love Life, Love Fashion!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Follow Up and New News!

So, I thought it was put to bed but my mamma always said "see what happens when you think". LOL! Now, my fellow diva Oprah must be reading my blog and thinking "I'm gonna do what I want!" So she did. On Friday, her and her pals discussed briefly the Chris Brown and Rihanna relationship. I would just like to say that domestic violence is a HUGE fashion no-no. For all the divalicious ladies; it means that we are confident, beautiful and will not settle for or allow another person to be physically violent toward us. And for those of us divas that are intertwined in that life, it is time to get out. You are way too fabulous to settle for it...


After rave reviews and high demand at the MacDella Cooper Foundation charity event, SK Wilbur will be launching a new line of denim cocktail dresses for Spring 2010. Creativity had been lost in the sauce of trying to find manufacturers for the launch of the knit tops as work can sometimes do. Now, he is back and better than ever! This will be highly anticipated in 2010 so make sure you are all on the look out!

Until next time...

Love Life, Love Fashion!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dishing Dirt - Or Something Like It...

Okay guys, this week I am dishing dirt (more like talkin' 'bout folk) on what's on & poppin'...

Chris Brown & Rihanna:

I am sure we have all "had it up to here" with the news on these two. Let's put this baby to bed: I wish it weren't so and I will pray and hope that the both of them will be better in the future. On a fashion note - LOVE Rihanna's hair and I wonder how Chris will feel when he's 80 with all those tats... hmm...

The 81st Academy Awards:

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Slumdog Millionaire who cleaned up with eight (8) awards one of which was best motion picture of the year. Whoever has not seen it needs to run to a theatre near you and do so! What a great story...

I have to admit that I didn't see most of the movies that were nominated for awards but I did see The Dark Knight. Not having anything to compare it to I think that Heath Ledger deserved the best supporting actor award... and now on to the fashions!

Three of my favorites of the night:

Marisa Tomei in a Valentino

Anne Hathaway in Armani and...

Kate Winslet in Yves St. Laurent

Fabulous ladies!
And lastly, Britney is back everybody. Isn't it exciting news? ...I think. She looks great (healthy and fit) and she even has an endorsement deal with the shoe giant Candies. I do have to say that the singles she has released thus far from her latest album, Circus, have been hits in the dance scene. Glad to see you back Miss Missy!

That's all I've got for now boys and girls. Until next time - Love Life, Love Fashion!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Diva is Superstar for a night...!

I had the time of my life Friday night. What was I doing you ask? Well, let me tell you! I went to a New York Fashion Week After Party; a charity event for the MacDella Cooper Foundation. Ms. MacDella Cooper is raising money to build a boarding school for orphaned children in Liberia and Sorta Kinda Enterprises donated the Supima Cotton competition dress for a raffle to raise some of the money.

I have to tell you, it is so much fun being a fashion designer's muse! I wore an exquisite denim gown by SK Wilbur and - if you haven't had a couture piece done for you yet, do it! It was the most elegant and comfortable gown I have ever been in (I haven't been in any other :)). And the fit - of course - complimented every curve. I had my makeup professionally done by MAC - shout out to Jessica! - and SK Wilbur picked out my makeup colors. I have to say, I have never felt more beautiful.

Now the event made me feel very superstar. I was interviewed by "Rock The Look", an online destination that includes photos of the most fashionable non-celebrities attending various events. And the interviewer pulled myself and SK Wilbur out of the crowd of people because I looked like an Everyday Diva, just a little more glamorous :).

SK Wilbur, Elena (our model wearing the auctioned piece), and myself walked the red carpet. Now, what you've seen done to Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon, and Angelina Jolie was done to us. What was done to us? We were asked to look to the left, the right, the center, and "over here" with all the camera flashes illuminating our faces! I felt like a superstar!!

And of course, there was the event. It was for a great cause and the foundation ended up making their goal for the night which was exactly what we were there for. I look forward to seeing the updated pictures and hearing the stories of the lives we were able to help change with our donation. These children will receive two of the most important things in their lives - education and family. Peace and blessings to you MacDella Cooper for starting a foundation that will make a difference in the lives of many children in war-torn Liberia.

Love Life, Love Fashion!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentina = Fabulous!

On Thursday, February 12, I went to the opening of Valentina: American Couture and the Cult of Celebrity, an exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York.

Valentina Nicholaevna Sanina Schlee - known simply as Valentina - was a fashion pioneer. Never coming out with a line of clothing for the mainstream, she would only do couture pieces for women who best represented what the name Valentina was about. She had a customer base of 2,000 women which included illustrious ladies like Greta Garbo, Katherine Hepburn, Gertrude Lawrence and members of the Whitney and Vanderbilt families. Honey, she was fabulous!

While there, SK Wilbur and I bumped into people like the very elegant Amy Fine Collins, who was the the muse for the late, extraordinarily talented designer Geoffrey Beene. We also spotted Mary McFadden, a fashion designer who is known for much more than just fashion. SK Wilbur had a brief conversation with Gene Meyer, a menswear designer who now creates home furnishings and across the room we noticed Hamish Bowles, the style editor of Vogue magazine.

I couldn't help but notice that her classic, chic, effortless style was so similar to SK Wilbur's. When I asked him about it - he didn't even know who she was or that he was channeling her with almost every design of his! With both their styles being easy yet chic with attention to detail it really was both uncanny and fantastic. For any and all of you fellow fashionistas out there - this is a must see. Not only will you be inspired by her timeless style, you'll want SK Wilbur to make you one of his "channeled" pieces.

Love Life, Love Fashion!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Fashion, UN-Fashion and the In Between

Hey ya'll...

I am on a mission. I am trying to find ways to incorporate fashion into each of my diary entries. And because fashion permeates some facet of my everyday life, it really shouldn't be that difficult. WRONG! Just because I am the Diva-at-Large, doesn't mean that I don't come down with a case of the banal and routine blues. So this week I dug deep into my fabulicious soul and came up with some interesting topics that could be considered fashionable or NOT.

UN-fashionable - Reefer bongs and gold medals just don't mix. The controversy concerning marijuana use continues. Its effect on the body and whether or not it should be legal are still debatable points. But the fact is, weed is still considered an illegal drug in all cases but cancer treatment. Note to Michael Phelps: Although you've won 8 Olympic gold medals and may feel like you are impervious to scrutiny over little things like smokin' the pipe, you're really not! Just ask my friends at Kellogg's.

Fashionable - Congratulations, Ms. Jennifer Hudson. I am proud like you're my family! You taught the world how to be resilient after tragedy strikes. And you won your first Grammy for the Best R&B Album with grace, elegance and as always humility. And your SuperBowl rendition of the national anthem was off the hook! Go on, Girl!

"Whatever floats your boat" Fashion - God bless the woman who recently gave birth to octuplets. I'm anxious about having one! But then I found out she already had six other children at home! All I know is that I am going to send positive thoughts to those babies, because they are going to have to rely on a higher power (and a community) to survive the madness that will ensue once they come home from the hospital.

P.S.: Forgive my ignorance, but who is Robert Plant and Alison Krauss? Either way, congratulations to you too!

Love Life, Love Fashion!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Out & About During NY Fashion Week

Hey ya'll! New York Fashion Week begins next Friday, February 13th (ooooo!) and while I wish upon a star that I'm invited to a show, I will be attending another event of great efforts.

Remember when I brought you news of SK Wilbur participating in the Supima Cotton runway competition? Well, the evening gown that was designed for that contest will be auctioned off at a charity event for the MacDella Cooper Foundation. I am very excited because I will be wearing an original SK Wilbur designed gown which makes me the "living model" for the auctioned piece!

The MacDella Cooper Foundation is trying to raise $500,000.00 to build a school for or
phaned and abandoned children in Liberia. Here at SK Wilbur, we support worthwhile causes and believe in positivity and being fabulicious and spreading that love. So while we are spreading the love and raising money for this wonderful event, please pray for my feet. That's right, my feet! This past Saturday I had a fitting which included me wearing the potential shoes so we could make a decision about dress length. And my feet were KILLING me. So you know what's happening to them - they are going right back to Macy's where they came from. I've heard that sometimes we ladies have to suffer for pain, but that kind of pain seems unnecessary. And if worse comes to worse and I cannot find the perfect shoes, I will be wearing my house slippers. Can you imagine - the Diva-At-Large in perfect MAC make-up, luxurious denim gown and house slippers? SK Wilbur would not be happy, but I will still be a diva - always and forever! I am sure we will work this out and the evening will be a huge success, but I will have some kind of backup in my purse. And in the meantime, I will keep you posted. Stay tuned.

Love Life, Love Fashion!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Party 2009!

The Diva-at-Large is experiencing an unfortunate pc (personal computer) meltdown, which can mean only one thing. This week you are stuck with me, SK Wilbur, your self-appointed fashion guru. Now just before the Diva went offline, we discussed topics for her latest entry in her diary. Admittedly, we love keeping you current on fashion news and sharing what is popping up on our style radar. But we wanted to focus on something, dare I say, bigger this week. I’m sure you ask yourself, “What could be bigger than fashion?” In one word –PARTIES! I am specifically referring to the party happening today in Washington D.C. also known as Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration. Ain’t nothing like a great party. And this is the party of the millennium that all of us can celebrate. This party’s purpose marks a new era in American history that signifies a shift in the paradigm. We as a people, whatever our ethnicity or color or age, can dream bigger and more vividly without boundaries because now we truly know that with hard work and dedication our dreams will come true. If that is not a reason to party then I don’t know what is. So now we would like to hear from you. Write back and tell us what this presidency means to you. And let us know how you spent this Inauguration Tuesday. Even if you aren’t mixing it up with the political glitterati in D.C., no need to keep it low-key. Break open that bottle of champagne, put on something festive, and toast the television. And don’t forget to invite a few friends over to share in this life-changing moment. True equality has never been so fashionable!

Peace & Fashion!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hello 2009!

Happy New Year! The Diva-at-Large is back! I hope all of you had a wonderful and safe holiday.

I know that it is common practice to make New Year's resolutions, but as a rule I don't. I am the type of person who prefers to set yearly goals. I feel like I have more of a chance of accomplishing them than if I "resolve" to do something. Maybe it is just semantics. But for me, it is much more mental. Last year, I accomplished five out of ten personal goals. I am pleased with the results! It's mine in 2009, so this year my goals include leading a healthier lifestyle, paying off debt, going on vacation, and saving money. Wheww! All this in just 12 months. I would love to hear some of your resolutions or goals, if you will, for 2009. Please post the ones you'd like to share as comments and we can discuss them, no matter how lofty.

Also, this year This Is My Life is going in a new direction so stay tuned for more in your face Diva-At-Large fashion advice and opinions.

Whatever this new year brings you, I know you will be fabulous!

Love Life, Love Fashion!