Sunday, March 2, 2008

Gossip, Gossip, Gossip GIRL

I recently read an article in the New York Times newspaper that hypothesized that my peers and I are members of the "Look At Me" generation. Because some of us compete for spots on reality television shows, and many of us promote ourselves on Facebook, and some of us even have dreams of being rich and famous, we are considered more narcissistic than our predecessors. I say, "So what!" What is so bad about being self-aware?

Listen, w
e are bombarded with images of celebrities who are "the SO fabulous." Everywhere I turn, from the internet and magazine stands to billboards and the sides of buses, I am spoon-fed Access Hollywood-type minutiae of the fantabulous glitterati from La La Land to the Big Apple. I mean, the most intimate details about goddesses like the spicy Victoria Beckham, the sex-girl Sarah Jessica Parker, Emmy award winner Katherine Heigel, and Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria Parker greet me as I wake and kiss me goodnight as I count sheep. And frankly, it is overwhelming.

Don't get m
e wrong - the aforementioned ladies are fabulous in their own right, but what about us? There is so much focus on the celebrity lifestyle - what they buy, who they marry, what emotional breakdown they are having now, who recently checked themselves into rehab that I believe it is time for all my sister girlfriends and me to reassess this whole notion of celebrity. Why shouldn't we consider ourselves celebrities? Hell, we are fabulous! And that is without the drama and DUIs or Photoshop, personal trainers, and perfect lighting. And maybe we are wearing SKWilbur, Old Navy, or even thrift store frocks, but we are uniquely divine. We are living our lives to the fullest and we love it! We are balancing it all; very nicely thank you, without handlers and private tutors and magazine covers. So please step aside as I take another long look at myself. Hey, looking kinda cute, Ashanti! Yes, we may be the "Look At Me" generation, but in this day and age why is that such a bad thing? I sure don't think it is...