Friday, October 5, 2007

Like A Fashion Week Virgin

A couple of weeks ago I lost my virginity! Not that kind, silly! A diva-at-large never kisses and tells. No, I am talking about the fashion week variety. I had the opportunity to attend two shows during New York Fashion Week (NYFW) for the very first time with my “sorta kinda” famous brother SK Wilbur. For those of you who are not already in-the- know, NYFW transpires twice during the year where fashion designers showcase their line of apparel that will be sold in stores the following season. My brother and I have produced our own shows during NYFW, but the unsanctioned, guerrilla sort that took place on the sidewalk outside the tents in Bryant Park. Check out some of the press coverage we received on But back to my story, I was so giddy with excitement once inside that I did not know which way to look first. Between being the object of desire for several photographers from various publications whose names I cannot recall to the amazing bar/lounge area where drinks were on the house to the rush of fashionistas to get to their seats it was all just a little awe-inspiring and FABULOUS!

First, I will tell you about the Gottex show. Gottex is a line of swimwear designed by Gideon Oberson. Elegantly designed for fabulously athletic, lithe bodies, the show featured vibrant purples, greens, black and yellow mixes and flower filled suits and wraps. Reem Acra was the second show I saw on a summery Sunday afternoon. Her eveningwear line consisted of dresses that were long, short, and some vibrantly hued. There were dresses with flowers (which, I guess, is what we will be seeing a lot of this Spring), jewels, and lots of belts; it was colorful – purple, green, red, yellow, black, and white. Both shows were beautiful, but Gottex was my favorite. And it is not because I am the type of girl that gets energized by beautiful swimsuits. But it was Mr. Oberson’s visually stunning finale that caused me and the rest of the fashion crowd to jump to our feet. It featured the two darkest skinned models – both the color of night and donning crew cut hairstyles who were poured into their snow-white bathing suits. As they escorted Mr. Oberson down the runway for his bow, my brother and I both agreed that it was bold for him to choose these women for the finale considering the absence of models of color on so many runways. He also featured a model that was not your typical gaunt-faced and overtly thin standard. She was fresh and healthy looking. I thought his taste in choosing his models was premium.

I was also able to view photographer Nigel Barker (America’s Next Top Model) from my seat at both shows – and oh what a nice view it was! Other famous names at the Reem Acra show were Becky Newton from Ugly Betty and Lisa Edelstein from House. I was also able to make a couple of connections that are resulting in business for SK Wilbur! To have witnessed the media photographers who all stand at the back of each show waiting patiently for it to begin, to see the hoopla over the superstar attendance, to view all the various eclectic and trendy New Yorkers walk in and take their seats to see the shows is both thrilling and overwhelming. I sat wide-eyed for most of the shows, taking in all that I could. To convey what it is like in person is almost unexplainable. I am excited with anticipation about the shows I will get to see in the years to come…

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