Monday, March 9, 2009

Follow Up and New News!

So, I thought it was put to bed but my mamma always said "see what happens when you think". LOL! Now, my fellow diva Oprah must be reading my blog and thinking "I'm gonna do what I want!" So she did. On Friday, her and her pals discussed briefly the Chris Brown and Rihanna relationship. I would just like to say that domestic violence is a HUGE fashion no-no. For all the divalicious ladies; it means that we are confident, beautiful and will not settle for or allow another person to be physically violent toward us. And for those of us divas that are intertwined in that life, it is time to get out. You are way too fabulous to settle for it...


After rave reviews and high demand at the MacDella Cooper Foundation charity event, SK Wilbur will be launching a new line of denim cocktail dresses for Spring 2010. Creativity had been lost in the sauce of trying to find manufacturers for the launch of the knit tops as work can sometimes do. Now, he is back and better than ever! This will be highly anticipated in 2010 so make sure you are all on the look out!

Until next time...

Love Life, Love Fashion!